Yuval Wolfson

My role as the ensemble's lowest voice is both interesting and very demanding. The ensemble uses the maximum range of the trombone, and sometimes I push to the lowest possible register. This can be a real challenge, as I have to plan my breathing carefully ahead and adjust my lips to very specific positions. Playing this important role within the ensemble gives me great satisfaction.

When I think of a special personal experience with Trombone Unit Hannover, an open-air concert at the MoselMusikfestival comes to mind. At the time, I was still a guest in the ensemble and learned that we would be playing a piece in which the bass trombone would play solo and be accompanied by the rest of the ensemble. The piece was a German drinking song with theme and variations. It was beautifully arranged by Lars Karlin and combines both lyrical and virtuoso playing. I was very honored and pleased to be asked to perform such a challenging piece as a soloist with the ensemble.

When we performed the piece in concert, Lars came up to me on stage during one of the musical transitions between variations while the rest of the ensemble was still playing. He held up a bottle of wine and poured me a very full glass! This gesture made me feel welcome and familiar, and also showed me the wonderful character traits of the ensemble. Serious, hard work and excellent performances, but never forgetting the importance of communication, fun and a humorous approach to music and life.

Trombone Unit Hannover is composed of top trombonists from all over Europe and combines an extremely high level of instrumental skill and musicality with a family-like, deep friendship and human understanding. I am very happy to be a part of it now.
Born in Israel in 1990, Yuval Wolfson commenced his musical studies at the age of, and by 2014 had won his first prize in the Aviv competition in Israel. At the age of 16, Yuval received his first orchestral position as bass trombonist of the Israeli Opera Orchestra. He played there for several years until he began his studies at the UdK Berlin with Prof. Andreas Klein.
Yuval has performed regularly with numerous orchestras, including the West Eastern Divan Orchestra, the Staatsoper Berlin and the Opera of Zurich. He is currently a regular bass trombonist with the Budapest Festival Orchestra and freelances with various leading orchestras.